First, thanks for stopping by. As a first-time patient, you probably have some questions. The information below should provide some of the answers you seek.


Consultations can be conducted in-person or by phone. Each takes at least
one hour.

In-Person. If you're within driving distance of New York City, call my office to schedule an in-person appointment at a time convenient for you.

By Phone. If you live further away, a phone consultation may work best.
Because neuroendocrinology is a highly specialized field with a limited number of practitioners, I have patients all across the country and in Europe who I treat by phone. Some conditions, such as catamenial epilepsy, do not require a physical exam and can be handled this way. Other conditions, such as thyroid issues, may require in-person attention. If I am treating you remotely, I can order lab tests to be conducted near where you live, forward on EEGs and test results, and phone or fax any prescriptions in.

Online. Fill out our patient registration form.

Information I'll Need.
Gathering your records before your appointment will help me immensely in diagnosing and treating your condition. The more information, the better. Ideally, I'd like to have all of the following:

    Medical records

    Medical and lab test results

    EEGs, brain imaging studies

    Medications you've taken and any side effects you experienced

What To Expect.
Upon arriving at my office, you'll see there's no need to be nervous. I talk to my patients as equals and encourage them to ask me questions. My goal is to get to know (and understand) you, your condition and your medical history.

My practice is run like a psychiatry practice, which means it's quiet and comfortable, not cold or overwhelming like a larger, more institutional practice. In addition, while the waiting room here is very nice, I promise not to keep you sitting in it for very long.